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Claudia,Samuel:your team has been really terrific...I have always found my success depended on the people that I surrounded myself with...then I always made sure that knew I was aware of I feel you do as well...or your team wouldn't be as helpful as they are..Lee from Boston Mass.


I will stay in touch and keep you up to date cause as I mentioned earlier with how great you have been I plan on only returning with the help of your services they are beyond what anyone could expect and highly appreciated.

Thanks again and I look forward to rescheduling with you.

Courtney Curbaniec


Hello Claudia.

Just wanted to say a belated thank you to you and Samuel for handling everything on our wonderful vacation.

It was perfect for the whole family, despite Briana's lost luggage and the automatic/standard car snafu. You were a great help.

 Hopefully, we will all be able to get together and return for another vacation!

 Pat Genero


Hi Claudia & Samuel,
I was waiting until Norbert got safely home yesterday to write you. I miss C.R. mucho but we are back in our homes and to the routine now and all is well with our families.
I hope that you found the condo in good order and that you are both well.
I may write from time to time just to say hola. I have a dozen wild turkeys who visit me almost daily. It is fun to watch their courtship right now. 
Again gracias for all you have both done for us. You made a big difference!!!
Stay well,
Jocelyne (and Norbert)


Hi Claudia,
Well we made it back to Minnesota late last night.  
We really enjoyed our visit and meeting you, Samuel and the other neighbors at our Condo.  The Festival was fun, but sorry we missed going to the Dragon Fly for dinner.  Maybe another time.
Thanks for your assistance!
Betty A Lemcke


Hello Claudia,   We made it home....Had a great time with you and least we went out with a bang!.  LOL. Thanks for getting me up there to dance.  so much fun and laughter    Hope to see you sooner than later.     Love Mary & Roy  xoxo


Thank you so much for all that you did to make our stay a such an amazing experience. From coordinating our meals and grocery shopping, to arranging taxis to the airport and to renting surfboards and having them waiting for us on our arrival, it was all above and beyond what we could have expected. Thank you again for everything! We hope to be back!

All the best,Heidi.


Hi Claudia! I kept meaning to email you to let you know how the rest of our trip was but we have been so busy with the holiday (Thanksgiving) as soon as we got back!
The trip was absolutely amazing. We had the best time staying at the house, it was beautiful and our pictures turned out great!
The wedding on Saturday evening was great, surf and turf served and the ceremony at sunset! On Monday after Brad and I had left one of the girls had a little surfing accident and lost a few teeth but was able to get them fixed when she got home, thank god!! Thanks again for all your help and the great meal you made us! Kim


I have had several Property Managers and Now that I have Claudia and Samuel it has been nothing short of fantastic ! They do a great job and I highly recomend them and hopefully We can all do better this year ! Please let me know if you have any other question.
And good luck with Claudia she is great communicator !


Bonjour Claudia et Samuel

Nous sommes en effet rentrés hier soir très tard de notre fabuleux voyage. Nous vous remercions de vous occupez de nous et attendons impatiemment votre projection.En attendant de vos nouvelles...Je me permet de vous embrasser car en dehors du fait que vous vous occupez de nos projets ,je tiens à vous remercier de votre gentillesse et de nous avoir aidé au Costa Rica.Nous sommes d'ailleurs allés mangé chez fabien sur vos conseils et comme on dit au Québec"C'est une bonne place!" Le patron est fort sympa aussi.

Françoise, Ray et Maud


To this day they manage a house of mine (even though I'm here) and until recently a condo which they sold 4 months ago. They always gave me an honest accounting of everything and were more than fair. They handled complicated problems efficiently and intelligently. Property management is not easy and it is an art. I managed 100 properties in the Bahamas and it drove me crazy. Recently they took care of a drainage problem in my house that was serious. The long time tenants were about to leave. They got the right person to do the job at a cost that made economic sense. Cheers Joel .


Claudia:  Thank you and Samuel for taking us around.  I know a Realtors job is a thankless one and we appreciate the attention to detail and the time you took out of your Saturday.  Yes let us pray that the Ranch in California sells soon. Only rained for a little while here.  Hope to see the two of you again in the near future.  Maybe we will become your Costarican neighbors.

All the best.Lloyd Chartrand


Sam and Claudia have managed 2 properties for me in Tamarindo for several years and their services have been excellent. They have always accounted for every dollar spent on my behalf. I had many bad experiences before I found them. They have handled management issues with great skill and acumen. My brother-in-law , an attorney, also uses them.They were just awarded the management of Suenos ll, a condominium in Tamarindo. They are beautiful people and I love them. You could not put your trust in better people.JOEL HOOKERMAN


I am a client of Claudia and have been for several years.  She and her husband, Samuel, manage a house for me in Tamarindo.  They collect the rent money and handle all the expenses and repairs.  They are honest and dependable. No one should have  concerns about dealing with them.JOEL M KRIGER


I have known Samuel and Claudia for several years and know they are very hard workers. I would not hesitate to list any property with them or have my property managed by them. They are always conscientious and on top of the details.

Doreen Stokes


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