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Liberia to Playa Grande and Tamarindo

Coming out of the airport, take a right on the main road.
Stay on the road until you get to the town of Belen.
You will see a big orange sign that says "Servicentro Belen" before getting there on the right side of the road.
There will be a small bridge and you will make a right at the Servicentro gas station.
There is actually a signal indicating the direction to Playa Grande.
Later you will come to a small village and an intersection where you will see an advertising sign from Iguana surf (among others).
You will make a left, staying on the main road.
Next landmark is the Oasis gas station which is the last gas station on the way, feel free to refill, its open 24/7.
After the gas station is a small hill before getting to the small village of Huacas.
At the intersection (large economy rental sign) take a left if you are heading to Tamarindo or straight takes you to Playa Grande.
Drive about 10mn until you reach the small village of Villareal where you'll take a right towards Tamarindo (indicated).
Another couple of miles and you are in Tamarindo, contact us for direction to a specific rental location.
Drive safe!

San Jose to Tamarindo and Playa Grande

Take the Interamericana (Highway 1) north in the direction of San Ramon and Puntarenas.
Continue on this road past Puntarenas until you get to a junction after Las Juntas (big Shell station on your left).

From here you have two possibilities:

Continue on Highway 1 until you get to the town of Liberia or
take a left turn at the junction (Shell station on your left hand side) in the direction of the Puente de la Amistad/Friendship Bridge/Tempisque Bridge, which crosses the Gulf of Nicoya .

1. Continuing on Highway 1 via Liberia : (If you are heading to Palya Grande)

Coming from Highway 1 you approach the town of Liberia . From here it is about 1,5 hours drive to Tamarindo. In Liberia , at the big junction with traffic lights and gas stations, you take a left turn, following the direction for Santa Cruz and Nicoya .
You'll pass towns like Filadelfia and Belen.
Right after Belen you take a right turn, heading to Tamarindo and Flamingo.
Don't forget to fill it up near the town of El Llano (about 2 km./1.25 miles after the turnoff for Portegolpe), for there are no more gas stations on your way to Tamarindo.

In Huacas you keep going straight (road to Tamarindo is on the left) as well as at the next intersection (right goes to Flamingo, Brasilito and Conchal). Very bad section of road follows until the village of Matapalo where you will make a left turn (small supermarket on your left, football field on your right).
You ll then pass a small bridge and keep going on the dirt road for about 10mn. Next intersection has a big 21st century sign where you will take the road on the left.
keep going straight on that road until you get to the Hotel "Las Tortugas" which is right on the beach.
You are in Playa Grande, contact us for direction to a specific rental location.

2. Turning left from Highway 1 via Puente de la Amistad/Friendship Bridge/Tempisque Bridge: (If you are heading to Tamarindo)

From Highway 1 you take a left turn heading towards the bridge. Once you have crossed the Gulf of Nicoya using this bridge, you follow the road until you get to the signs leading you to the town of Nicoya .
When approaching Nicoya , continue on this road to Santa Cruz .
Don't forget to fill up your car in Santa Cruz , for there are no more gas stations on your way to Tamarindo.
As you leave Santa Cruz , still on that same road, you will pass a bridge.
Turn left at the first road signs pointing to Tamarindo, immediately after the bridge when leaving Santa Cruz , and follow this road.
You will eventually (about 40mn drive) end up in the small town of Villareal , keep going straight (left turn at the intersection takes you to Tamarindo) until you reach Huacas.
Turn left at the intersection (big economy rental sign) and straight at the following one 2 min. later. (Same as first option from now on)"

Tamarindo Map1

Tamarindo map1



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