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Why Costa Rica?

About investing in Costa Rica: 

Over the past 10 years, Tamarindo has had steady growth increase of property values averaging 20% per year, prediction is that there is still more appreciation to come. Globally the demand is here, Americans, Canadians, Europeans, French investors and baby-boomers are choosing Costa Rica as their tropical retreat away from home. The main reasons in order of importance: proximity to the US and Canada, culture, lifestyle and prices as well as tax-laws (in general cost of real estate ownership in Costa Rica, being lower than in other countries).

Costa Rica has a bright future ahead, some savvy investors know it and so do we. What happened in 2005-06 was just the beginning of an unprecedented and extraordinary real estate boom that just put the country on the map as one of the top vacation destinations and will get people to invest and eventually relocate in our tropical paradise. Anticipating that new beginning, some developers are now putting on the market a new class of project, well conceived, respectful of the environment and featuring large tropical common areas as well as specific services... and most importantly they're fairly priced!

Often, investing in Costa Rica can make more sense than investing in your own country and can become a great rental income producer as well. Extremely low property taxes, no capital-gain taxes and no inheritance taxes, among other benefits. Investing in Costa Rica contribute by helping the economy of the country and to generate growth and employment.



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